Chevy the Blue Heeler

We've been proudly offering dog breed pillows featuring the fanciful artwork of Sal Ramano for several seasons. We gave all of Sal's subjects a name when we created the catalog page. You might be thinking that those were just random names we made up to give the pillows their own characters, but no, those are names of actual dogs known and loved by member of the Linda Anderson staff. More blog posts will be coming to introduce you to each of them. This first post, however, introduces you to the namesake of our product number 636029 that the entire staff knows and loves. Meet Chevy, the Blue Heeler.

The picture was taken just moments before I sat down to write this post. It was taken in the call center, while Terri, one of our customer service representatives, was on the phone with a customer. Chevy barked with excitement over the prospect of more publicity. When I got him quiet again, I heard Terri explaining to the caller why she was hearing barking in the background.

Chevy's story starts about 4 years ago when the Linda Anderson office in Springfield, Missouri got a new neighbor across the parking lot. We're in an industrial park so we're surrounded by various types of businesses. Chevy's family operates a car customization business called 417 Motorsports. They moved in and Chevy became a fixture in the parking lot. We saw him nearly every day, standing by while his people worked on cars. He never really visited with us though for the first few years. But that changed one day when one of us ate our lunch out in the car and caught Chevy's interest. We all have our great passions in life and Chevy's is food. He's a very smart dog and quickly figured out that everyone in the office was easy prey and powerless over his pitiful expression that can only mean that it's been weeks since he's eaten.

Chevy's now a daily visitor, at least on the days when he comes to work. And our breakroom floor stays very clean. Besides helping out with that, he also works hard to boost morale and bright our days with wags of his stubby little tail. When we saw that Sal had introduced a Blue Heeler to his product line, we knew we had to have it and we knew exactly what to call it. But if you have allergies, please don't worry. Chevy isn't allowed around the products.

So, if you ever call us and hear barking in the background, feel free to tell your customer service representative to give Chevy some extra ear scratches for you. We'll be happy to do so and Chevy will send some of his extra adorable stubby tail wags your way.

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