The Absolute Joy of Spring Cleaning!

No, that's not sarcasm. I look forward to it every year, usually starting around Thanksgiving. The 3 main challenges at my house are leaves and soil tracked in by the dogs, leaves dropped by all the withering plants I drag inside every year because they look so pretty in October that I can't stand the thought of leaving them to freeze outside, and the ever present cat hair. Is it just me, or is it hard to feel like cleaning is effective with all the windows closed and dreary winter light to illuminate the task? So, I always look forward to that first weekend that's warm enough for me to drag all the plants back outside, along with dog beds and bowls and the cat box, and give everything a thorough hosing down, followed by getting the floors clear, fresh and clean.

This is the year that we do the same in our warehouse, and probably the offices too. We've been in the building for nearly 7 years. It was clean when we moved in, and we keep it nice enough, but it's been 7 years since we've been behind a lot of the shelves or under a lot of the big packing stations. So, as soon as it's warm enough, the dock doors will be rolled up and the fun will begin.

But first, we need to lighten the load on the shelves that will be moved and that's, finally, the point of this post. Get ready for our biggest sale yet! After 7 years, we have hundreds of items that are 'bottom of the bin', meaning that they're perfectly good, but no longer available so we can't put them in the catalog since we only have a handful left. Because of the nature of the sale, browsing our on-line store will be the only way to find all the bargains. No bin will be left unturned! You'll find treasures in every category,  and incredible savings off original retail prices.

Check out our Spring Cleaning Sale.

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Carole A. Anderson - Mar 01, 2018

Come back soon! You will be missed!

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