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Welcome to our blog and thank you for reading this - our very first blog post.

First, please let me introduce myself. My name is Gretchen. I'm the co-owner, along with my husband, of the Linda Anderson catalog. I'm the buyer and I'm also the marketing director for our company. I'll be writing most of our blog entries.

Today's big news is the launch of our newly redesigned website. This has been a lot of hard work for everyone here at Linda Anderson but most of the work has been done by Phil and Amber. Phil is our incredibly talented art director and my husband. Amber is our brilliant and creative web content editor. I'm hoping that they, along with everyone else in the office, will join me on the blog. We're a small group of people but we've got an enormous amount of talent and energy in our organization and I'm very proud of all of them.

We plan to talk about gardening, cooking, gift giving, fashion, pets, outdoor living, hobbies, entertaining, decorating, holiday celebrations, travel, art, music, and homekeeping. Other topics will almost certainly come up as well. And of course, we enthusiastically welcome your feedback, suggestions, comments, and photos. Subscribing to our blog will also get you first notice about new products, sales and specials.

Thank you for reading and for browsing our website.

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Kristy - Apr 30, 2017

Beautiful site, Gretchen, Phil & Amber. So happy to see this beautiful iteration of LA.

Carolyn Adkisson - Apr 30, 2017


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