Colorful Cow Bells Wind Chime

Colorful Cow Bells Wind Chime


You'll show off these bells until the cows come home. Each uniquely hand-painted set is adorned with vivid flowers and bright contrasting backgrounds. As stronger breezes catch them they'll clong and clang in true alpine fashion.

Iron bells are strung by jute twine rope. This set of bells measures approximately 8.7" x 4.5" x 30.5" tall  overall.

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Unique and adorable, perfect little gift for a pilot or anyone with an interest in planes. So well made, too.

Deborrah G. from Tampa, FL


Just received these wine charms and they are cute, well-made, and useful. What a great way to keep track of your wine glass at a gatherin...

Marta from Rockingham, VA


The print is absolutely adorable. The expression on the cat’s face is precious. For anyone who has a cat, you know that they see themselv...

Peggy from Gardner, MA