Le Moda Women’s Wrap with Integrated Pleated Scarf - Spice

Le Moda Women’s Wrap with Integrated Pleated Scarf - Spice

Bring comfort and class with you wherever you go with the Le Moda Pleated Scarf Wrap.

Built to keep you warm. Living in the US, we’re no strangers to the heavy snows on the East Coast or the unpredictable bitter cold of the Rocky Mountains. That’s why we sought to create a line of elegant top layers ready to keep you cozy no matter where you spend the cold months.

Pleated bliss. Heavier than a shawl, lighter than a cloak – and as comfortable and versatile as an oversized sweater. A fine balance of form and function makes a fashion statement without compromising on warmness.

Smart and stylish. It’s been said that there is no beauty without pain. We think that’s just an excuse for poorly designed clothes. Our wraps will stand up to tough urban winter conditions, and can be tossed in the laundry when you get home – no hand washing required.

With Le Moda’s American designed clothing, compromise is a thing of the past.

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Unique and adorable, perfect little gift for a pilot or anyone with an interest in planes. So well made, too.

Deborrah G. from Tampa, FL


Just received these wine charms and they are cute, well-made, and useful. What a great way to keep track of your wine glass at a gatherin...

Marta from Rockingham, VA


The print is absolutely adorable. The expression on the cat’s face is precious. For anyone who has a cat, you know that they see themselv...

Peggy from Gardner, MA