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Perfectly designed to elegantly wrap around your shoulders, Sylvie is guaranteed to turn heads while you are out and about, or caroling around the holidays.  A blanket that gives you a hug, she is a great gift for that someone who might always be chilly.

A great alternative to wool for those who are sensitive, Polyester Polar Fleece fabric has the insulating capacity of wool, and in some cases, it is warmer than wool. Super soft, lightweight, warm, and breathable, fleece is perfect for all things Cozy.

  • Fleece is Machine Washable and dries quickly
  • Durable and anti-pill, looks great after multiple uses and washings
  • Hydrophobic, which means it does not retain water, and is water and stain resistant
  • Knitted using fine polyester yarns, the pile is napped to promote softness and loft. 
  • The lofty yarns provide air pockets which provide excellent insulation from the cold.
  • 100%  Single Layer Polyester Polar Fleece

Width 43"

Length 59"

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